Album Review: Reanimator – “Horns Up”

Horns Up

Ah yes, it’s summer time, and that means more time for keggers and heavy metal. Just in time for an other balmy period of rock, Reanimator reintroduces us to their hook pummeling brand of speed metal. Now it’s important to point out that this isn’t the same Re-animator that released Condemned To Eternity in 1990, broke up in ’92 or ’93, and then reformed just three years ago. This Reanimator outfit hails from Canada, and is of a much younger breed for starters. The band has reclaimed the image and the sound, but do they have the quality? Let us ascertain if the “Electric Circle Pit” is worthy of thy name.

Without a doubt I feel that this band has some potential. I can hear the power in this band. The solos are pretty stinking sweet and the band is all over the groove. On “Thieves Of Society” the band really comes alive with that genuine new school of thrash aggression. This band is easily in step with the likes of Municipal Waste or Ghoul. They’re able to consistently write good hooks, which is essential to maintaining good friendly violent circle pitting fun, and that is the hallmark of a good thrash band.

It’s a shame that it has been so long since their debut, Ignorance Is No Excuse, which was a great album as well. In the grand scheme of things there should have been another EP aside from Great Balls, splits, or something to keep Reanimator relevant, because they have the creative potential to be a fucking great band, but I don’t think they have the presence. I thought that Ignorance Is No Excuse was a better album, because they were willing to be more out there, but Horns Up is better produced and has much better vocals. (Metal Nick)

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