Album Review: Rebuilder – Local Support


Rebuilder are a hard-working band from the Boston area. They have been making a name for themselves since they started playing shows in 2013. Their brand of pop punk with a melodic rock edge quickly took off and saw them opening for some decnt-sized bands right off the bat. Their ethic and dedication are paying off on their sophomore effort, Local Support.

Rebuilder can fit with a lot of different styles. Their Venn diagram would feature a bunch of different circles converging together. They are a band that lets the song dictate the sound instead of the style. They blend rock with punk with emo and all the subsets that have been created since the 80s. This is done with ease, leading to powerful rock songs that check all the other boxes.

The album title should be particularly humorous to any punk fan from the New England area, as Rebuilder have been the local opener on a lot of Boston shows that I have gone to or considered going to (driving to Boston isn’t all fun, which has kept me from attending many shows). It’s tongue-in-cheek but also a reminder that there are a lot of great local bands out there that all need support.

The musicianship is stellar. Every song has an anthemic feel to it, which will get people moving in addition to singing along.

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