Album Review: Return For Refund – “Return For Refund”

Return For Refund
Return For Refund

An impressive debut EP from Canadian band, Return For Refund performed with roots that are heavy in alt rock, blues and some southern hard rock thrown together in the mix. Kicking around in the collegiate indie circuit, they are a different kind of band than most think of on those station, being one of the few “metal/hard rock” bands to obtain a following that way. Heavy on guitar riffs with super addictive tracks, they have the ability to get your head bobbing and get you into a great high energy mood.

“Those Bombs” has to be one of the freshest and best songs that I have heard in a long time. It’s bouncy, catchy, has great vocals, amazing playing…just a terrific song. The EP opens with “The Fields,” featuring a guitar-heavy intro that provides a good introduction to the band. This is followed by “TV Lights,” with heavy and cutting guitar riffs, third song “Between My Sheets,” is an addictive song that offers great vocals, and an almost hypnotic drum sequence.

With fresh sounding music, this will give you a sound that is new and remind you there are still bands out there creating impressive sounding music. Combining tight musicianship, and strong vocals, it’s no wonder that Return For Refund has been so well received on college radio throughout Canada, and hopefully around the world now. (Rick Ecker)

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