Album Review: Return for Refund – “Return for Refund”

Return for Refund
Return for Refund EP

Toronto and southern-twinged rock-and-roll are not two things that I often think of together so I was surprised to discover the Toronto trio Return for Refund and the southern twang on their self-titled debut EP.

The EP opens with the single “The Fields” on the fear of following your dreams. With lyrics like “I had enough of asking why/When fear fell dead I focused on the prize” and “You’ve got to throw out all those pills that just numb away the pain”, Return for Refund manages to create an inspirational rock song without turning it into a cheese-fest of empty words.

They do this again in “Yolo” which is, surprisingly, one of the best songs on the EP, with lyrics like “everything you’ve ever said to me has been complete idiocy.”

However, the third track, “Between My Sheets” easily takes the award for best track on the album. It’s the one track that desires a spot on any alternative rock station as though there is not one stand-out part of the song, as there are on other tracks, it is a solid showcasing of what the band is capable of. Plus the chorus is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

Though there is a bit of southern twang in each song, the southern influence is especially prominent in the final few tracks on the album, “Some is Better Than None” and “These Bombs”.

Return for Refund credit bands like Nirvana, Black Sabbath and Soundgarden as influence and while there are a few similarities, I would call Return for Refund a little more Shinedown than Nirvana.

Regardless, their self-titled EP is worthy of a listen – or two or three. (Sky Fisher)

Purchase Return for Refund on iTunes here.

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