Album Review: Dominum – ‘Hey Living People’


Dominum’s debut album with the help of Napalm Records, Hey Living People, is a party metal meets infectious horror compilation. When the album starts, the audience is met with a horror metal tune. Each and every music video from Hey Living People provides a story within itself, and it’s a true work of art. Hey Living People is produced by the bandleader and songwriter Felix Heldt and recorded with Jacob Hensen. Hensen also mixed and mastered the album.

Dominum are an up-and-coming band from Germany featuring four members: Dr. Dead as vocalist, Patient Zero on bass, Tommy on guitars, and Victor on drums.

The album is has a lot of metal melodies mixed with an alternative-style twist, and it’s really well done. It has some Ice Nine Kills feels in certain parts of their tracks. This album is what the term “spooky season” would sound like. Hey Living People has a metal meets alternative vibe. It very much gives off a Ghost meets Ice Nine Kills feel.

Hey Living People Tracklist:
1. Immortalis Dominum
2. Danger Danger
3. Hey Living People
4. Cannibal Corpses
5. Patient Zero
6. We All Taste The Same
7. Frankenstein
8. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
9. Better Shoot Yourself
10. Half Alive
11. The Chosen Ones
Each track brings it’s own special feel to the album, and you can feel the rhythm within each song. As a collective, each song compliments each other very nicely. My favorite tracks are Patient Zero and Frankenstein. When Patient Zero begins, I feel very submerged within the song and as if I can see it. There’s a connection that brings a horror pop like feel, and it makes for a great track. As for Frankenstein, this track has more a metal feel that focuses more on drums, but it also shows off the range of vocals that Dr. Dead has.
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