Album Review: Rikk Agnew Band / Symbol Six – “Split & Stitched”

Rikk Agnew Band / Symbol Six
Split & Stitched 7” Split Single
(Jailhouse Records)

Yes! This is finally what I’ve been looking for and talking about… real punk rock, not that whiny emo/pop punk crap that the kids call punk nowadays. This truly is a noteworthy split release from these two bands. Rikk Agnew is a legendary LA musician, with a history in bands such as D.I., Detours, Adolescents, Social Distortion, and Christian Death. This is his first recorded output in 10 years, and the first ever release from the Rikk Agnew Band, both songs are punk rock classic covers. Orange County-based outfit Symbol Six has been around since 1980, they deliver two tracks, both recorded live.

Rikk Agnew Band throws down with a cover of the Viletones classic “Screaming Fist” and adds some more energy to a song that already rips like nobody’s business, and then they give us “Cosmetic Plague” from Rudimentary Peni, and completely blow that one away too. All I can say is wow, what a comeback. Symbol Six are no slouches though, they’re two live songs are tight, powerful and are the perfect equal on this single. “Faith Machine” just edges out “Viva” for me, but they both are amazing.

Both bands are on top of their game with blistering performances and songs that will get you up and grabbing your friends to go get this single while you can. This is the real deal kids; this is not mall crap that is pretending to be music. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase Split & Stitched here.

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