Album Review: Rooftop Revolutionaries – “White EP”

Rooftop Revolutionaries
White EP

Rock and politics are no strangers to each other. For decades bands like Anti-Flag and Rage Against the Machine have been using their platform as musicians to speak out against various social injustices and now there’s another band to add to the list – Rooftop Revolutionaries.

White is the third release from the LA-based political rock band. Rooftop Revolutionaries have chosen to use their music as a way to speak out against money in politics as it is their belief that the power should belong to the people.

White is their way of getting the message out to listeners. The EP opens with “Sick, Tired, and Wasted” which, as you might expect, is an anthem on being tired of all the social problems plaguing the country. This is followed up with “Let Freedom Ring”, a powerful song about joining together in freedom, even as we are all enslaved by society. The final song on the album, “Silenced”, creates the highest level of impact on the album as it includes spoken commentary regarding war and the real enemies that we see every day.

The Rooftop Revolutionaries certainly get their point across through their lyrics, ranging from “Freedom tastes better when you’re on your knees” to “You should be silent/Justice is violent”, but they also have extreme musical ability. They may be a political band but they are also a talented rock band. A political version of The Pretty Reckless, perhaps.

I may not agree with everything Rooftop Revolutionaries have to say but I can appreciate using music for social change. White is definitely an EP to look out for. (Sky Fisher)

Purchase White EP here.

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