Album Review: Rooftop Revolutionaries – “White EP”

Rooftop Revolutionaries
White EP

Music has the power to connect with people in ways that regular words cannot, and has been turned into a platform for artists to express their opinions on a myriad of topics. A lot of bands have used rock music as a political platform, just look at such bands as Rage Against The Machine, The Clash and Anti-Flag, and now another band has stood up and taken the mantle… Rooftop Revolutionaries. Hailing from Los Angeles, Rooftop Revolutionaries are an alternative hard rock group trying to create change through the “get money out of politics” movement.

The EP opens with the anthem “Sick, Tired, And Wasted,” a track about the general frustration with current social issues, and it is a kick-ass start with a definite RATM feel to it. This is followed up with “Let Freedom Ring,” a devastatingly heavy song with a great chorus, and tons of energy, about joining together in freedom. “Kiss My Soul” is a slow-paced song with incredible playing and emotional vocals from Eleanor Goldfield. The final song on the album, “Silenced,” includes spoken commentary regarding war, and has the requisite power and mind-blowing energy that makes you clamor for more.

It’s not an easy task; combining political thoughts with music that don’t sound preachy or over-the-top…they did it. I am really looking forward to seeing where they go from here and if they can keep up the high quality that is present on this release. (Rick Ecker)

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