Album Review: Roomful Of Teeth – “Render”

Roomful Of Teeth
(New Amsterdam)

Now this is clever. It took me 3 songs to realize that Roomful Of Teeth are just that- sounds made of primarily the human voice. Though they will on occasion use light percussion or subtle strings to help lay a mood, this is mostly just mouths. And there’s a lot of them that utilize different approaches including opera, throat singing, chanting, and various styles influenced from countries in far off places. Sometimes light and airy and other times busy with 5 or 6 different voices chiming in, it’s really no surprise that Roomful Of Teeth have won a grammy cause I doubt anyone else could replicate this. New Amsterdam has quickly become the link between classical music and indie-rock, and here the A cappella angle adds an even more desirable aspect to their catalog. (Tom Haugen)

Purchase Render here.

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