Album Review: Sanguisugabogg – Homicidal Ecstasy


After releasing their debut album, the enjoyably disgusting Tortured Whole in 2021, Sanguisugabogg clasped the death metal scene in a chokehold. The album introduced to many their subversive take on gorey death metal through swampy guitar riffs, St. Anger-esque snares, and whacked out vocals.

With this release, the desire for a follow-up quickly circulated amongst their growing fanbase. The question lingering in everyone’s minds was how they’d plunge their depraved sound further down the drain. Now in 2023 comes Homicidal Ecstasy, an album that doesn’t necessarily double down on the previous antics but rather sharpens them into a scalpel that peels the skin off your back inch by inch.

Some might be inclined to call it a maturation of their sound—Even looking at the song titles you’d think they’ve grown. Songs like “Dick Fillet” or “Dead As Shit” have turned to “Testicular Rot” and “Mortal Admonishment,” boosting their vocabulary.

The riffs still maintain an IQ in the single digits, which is the very backbone carrying the band and their rabid fanbase. Opening the album with a steady chugga chugga riff is the vulgar “Black Markey Vasectomy.” Vocalist Devin Swank jumps in with his trademark throaty vocals. In the past, he’s flexed his style with pig squeals and other tactics, but he abandons those for a more brutish vocal attack. His lyrical content remains just as revolting as any classic Cannibal Corpse album.

The tempos can quickly switch between syrupy to lightning fast, topped off with those sweet, sweet blast beats and thick caveman riffs. The third track, “Pissed,” opens up with a thick-yet-groove-laden riff and keeps the tempo pretty mild before cranking out the blast beats throughout the bridge. It’s one of the most attention-grabbing tracks and shows that the Bogg have carved out a formula to the madness they dish out on record and onstage. They know their fanbase don’t just exist within the death metal sphere but also in the hardcore scene thanks to their tours with major acts like Terror.

Their time playing for hardcore crowds seems to have benefitted their sound as they toy with more mosh friendly arrangements. Not that they’ve ever cared about alienating any detractors, but Homicidal Ecstasy does bring something new to the Bogg without compromising what their fans expect of them.

The track “Skin Cushion” is probably one of their fastest up to this point and a high watermark on the album, kicking off with pummeling blast beats and continuing for a good while before cracking you over the head with bashing riffs. Devin flexes his vocals a bit more than the rest of the album, utilizing some squeals but never falling into kitsch. Overall, it’s an example of how underneath the grotesque subject matter, the band’s confidence fills every track on the album.

Altogether, Sanguisugabogg bring a greater amount of skill and creativity to their sophomore record rather than relying on gimmicks like before. Homicidal Ecstasy shows they’ve grown out of being that goofy death metal band and let the music speak for itself. They’re still as revolting as ever, but they present it in amazing ways. You have to commend them for breaking new ground yet never losing sight of themselves.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Sanguisugabogg’s Homicidal Ecstasy, out now through Century Media Records.

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