Album Review: Say Anything – …Is Committed


Max Bemis and Say Anything are back and better than ever in their first album in five years, …Is Committed. Coming in like a manic banshee to profess his love and anger, Max Bemis’ and Say Anything’s comeback is an anthemic explosion that will not stop until you hear everything he has to say. Pop punk in form and experimental in scope, this album will have all the elder emo’s singing along until their throats are raw.

Oliver Appropriate, the previous bookend to Say Anything’s 19 year, eight album career marked the end of an era of the beloved emo-inspired pop punk band. All that time away from making music created a more experimental version of the band that can still deliver a great listening experience. …Is Committed showcases the beginning of a new chapter for the band.

Every track on …Is Committed still holds that Say Anything sound that fans are used to, mixed with a new, mature tone from an older Max Bemis. Songs like “ON CUM” have lyrics that are rattling off a laundry list of frustrations in Bemis’ signature spitfire way, with some tongue-in-cheek lyrics thrown in for good measure. The song itself is split into two parts. The first is a crazed song that slowly devolves into a softer ballad for the second part. “DAISY’S” is more punk-forward, dancing the line between the past and present status of the band and delivering a great performance throughout.

One of Say Anything’s great qualities are the lyrics, how they are forged, and how they’re sung. …Is Committed keeps that trend going, gripping listeners with an intense vocal performance that only enhances the lyrics that are being sung and shouted.

Say Anything are back, and I couldn’t be happier. …Is Committed brings back that feeling that only Max Bemis can deliver, going between feelings of being a frustrated artist and a father and husband. The album is great, and if you’re a fan of anything the band has done, do yourself a favor and listen to this album.

Be sure to check out …Is Committed out now on Dine Alone Records!

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