Album Review: Senses Fail – Hell Is In Your Head

Senses Fail’s highly anticipated forthcoming album Hell Is In Your Head is coming in hot. This release is a fantastic addition to their discography, truly showing that their sound and lyrics have gotten better with each album they’ve put out. This is a culmination of the sound they have been crafting over the past two decades. Hell Is In Your Head is an album for old school fans and newcomers alike, and one you will not want to miss.

There’s a great deal of emotion on this album. Buddy Nielsen has outdone himself with lyrics that cut bone deep, really leaning into social and personal strife. He focuses a great deal on his own mortality in this release, writing songs that are incredibly dark, and it’s very apparent with each track. Whether it’s celebrating the life of his daughter or talking about learning to mourn a miscarriage, his lyrics deal with complex emotions that most people aren’t able to handle and tries to navigates what it all means. If he gets to the bottom of it is anyone’s guess, but he makes navigating the emotions easier and familiar.

“Lush Rimbaugh,” the first single released early last year, is a perfect example of his lyricism, dealing with the struggles Nielsen has faced. This track is pure anger and hate. His lyrics don’t hold back on talking about how he truly feels, and honesty is key in how Senses Fail portray themselves. That is shown time and time again on this album, with the lyrics really pinning down the feeling of dread and existential ideas of life, death, and what it all means.

Songs like “The Fire Sermon” and “Death By Water” show the sound that Senses Fail have developed over the course of their career. Their blend of emo and post-hardcore really shine on these songs. “The Fire Sermon” in particular is incredibly reminiscent of Let It Enfold You, Still Searching, and If There Is Light, It Will Find You. The guitar tones, the way Nielson’s voice flows through the song, and the feel of the entirety of it makes you think this could be a B-side to one of those albums.

The songwriting on Hell Is In Your Head is very well done, incorporating dark themes with heavy instrumentation. It flows incredibly well together, with each track having its rightful place on the album. Nielsen also presents some of the gnarliest screams he has done in his career on this, with some of my favorite lyrics of his. Senses Fail has done it yet again. Hell Is In Your Head is a fantastic listen and one that, at least for me, will be on repeat for a while.

Be sure to check out Hell Is In Your Head when it drops on July 15 on Pure Noise Records.

Check it out here.

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