Album Review: Shattered Sun – “Hope Within Hatred”

Shattered Sun
Hope Within Hatred
(Victory Records)

Shattered Sun has a perfect blend of metal and melody throughout their new album Hope Within Hatred. Just enough technical guitar parts and pounding drums to keep your average metal head happy, while adding enough melodic parts to give the listener that’s looking for something more than straight up metal some ear candy as well. Shattered Sun often reminds me of the band Atreyu’s early stuff and hints of early As I Lay Dying.

The only complaint I have with this album is that the songs sound a lot alike and tend to blend together; but after saying that, a lot of people enjoy records that have a constant sound throughout. So you’ll have to judge for yourself. This album should please fans of metal, new metal, and hard rock.

Songs that stand out on this album are “281,” “Victory or Death,” “Reign Over Me.” (Mr. D)

Purchase Hope Within Hatred here.

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