Album Review: Silverstein – Discovering The Waterfront


Just two years shy of its 20th anniversary, Craft Recording are re-releasing Silverstein’s finest moment, Discovering The Waterfront, on vinyl. This album is the Canadian Post-Hardcore band’s sophomore effort, and the record has long been out of print in vinyl.

The album found the band still defining what would become their trademark sound, pulling in more punk influences, and bringing them to a much wider audience. The record features some of their biggest hits include the title track, “Smile In Your Sleep,” and “My Heroine.” It also predictably brought detractors thanks to the switch off in songs from standard singing to cookie monster-like vocals—a trend popular with metal bands—that many of their peers would pick up as well, though that switch to screaming is much more subdued with this outing versus their debut. The album also marks the band’s first time working with producer Cameron Webb, who would be a constant in the band’s orbit for years to come.

The record holds up well so many years later, not only with the singles released, but also on songs like the album opener “Your Sword, My Dagger,” “Already Dead,” and “Call It Karma.”

Discovering The Waterfront came out in 2005 on Victory Records, during the label’s short-lived heyday–and the band are still active today with very few lineup changes, putting out new music just last year.

This vinyl re-release is coming out in classic black and in a number of limited-edition colors including brown (via Urban Outfitters), green (via Revolver), green and brown marble (via Craft Recordings), and blue marble (via the band’s official store).

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