Album Review: Single Mothers – Everything You Need


Canadian punks Single Mothers have switched up their sound on their newest album Everything You Need. The record that was written prior to the world shutting down due to COVID, and now it is finally ready to see the light of day. Although Single Mothers never follow a set style considering their constant rotating lineup, this is a far cry from what fans are used to, yet Single Mothers are still able to bring a fun sound and catchiness to Everything You Need.

After the first listen of Everything You Need, I was not the biggest fan. However, after listening to it a few times, it grew on me. Fans of the band will flock to their unorthodox style, as I am merely an outsider looking in. After the fourth listen, I got it much better than the first time around. The album is a fun listen, and although not my favorite record of 2022, it is certainly a catchy listen, and one I can see myself revisiting in the coming months.

“Enough For You” opens Everything You Need on a simple, groovy bass line and drums, followed by a queasy guitar that leads the listener into the first verse. It’s a monotonous song that works surprisingly well as the first track. It leads to the second track, “Nausea,” which is a slower song that keeps a steady rhythm. The lyrics are catchy, and the beat of the drums coupled with the bass line creates a pretty good song to sing along to.

Many of the songs found on Everything You Need carry a similar style and feeling. Some songs, like “Soak” and “Throw,” are carried by guitar and vocals which have a harder feeling and tone than other songs. One thing is clear, though: Single Mothers are true to their punk roots.

One of the best qualities of this album is frontman Drew Thomson’s voice. His voice flows very well with these songs, giving enough shouting and natural timbre to craft songs that get the point of his lyrics across. The vocals on Everything You Need should be studied by emerging punk artists. Thomson has a very distinct style that plays on every album they’ve created, and this one is no different.

Everything You Need is a fun listen. Although it doesn’t pack the punch that previous Single Mothers’ albums had such as Negative Qualities or Our Pleasure, there is still a “fuck you” attitude ingrained in each song while being able to branch out in new areas of the punk soundscape. It may not be the best Single Mothers album, but fans of the band will still be able to feel the emotion course through them as the tracks play.

Be sure to check out Everything You Need when it drops on October 28 via Dine Alone Records.

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