Album Review: Sir Cadian Rhythm – “Sir Cadian Rhythm”

Sir Cadian Rhythm
Sir Cadian Rhythm

Sir Cadian Rhythm is a five piece band hailing from Long Island, New York that formed in March of 2014. The group consists of musical theater performers, Juilliard graduates, music teachers, award-winning jazz band performers, and prolific poets. Members Jack Weppler (Vocals), Alex Laudani (Guitar), Richie Cluxton (Bass), Keith Miller (Drums) and Matt Carlin (Keyboards) each have vastly different musical backgrounds and styles that range from progressive rock, funk and metal to pop, classical and jazz music.

Some people throw around the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a starting point for this band’s sound…nope, not as funky or cheesy; this band is funky, but the jazzy sound gives it a different feel, a different texture that adds a lot to the songs. The five songs are tightly performed, a ton of emotion shines through, and hooks galore are found on this EP. Opening with “Flood Of XIV,” it’s a fantastic song with so much enthusiasm and energy, plus great bass playing, and soaring vocals. The next track, “Holly’s On Fire” is chock full of jazz and funky playing that just puts a smile on your face and get the feet tapping. “Ouroboros,” is a bit more straight forward rock, and has great keyboard playing throughout. “Run Around Town” reminds me of some of the music from the late ‘90s, early ‘00s, but doesn’t sound clichéd, and has a sweet groove. The final track, “Villian Fear” is a dose of smooth jazz and clean indie rock that has a touch of Barenaked Ladies to it. The song adds some acoustic guitar, incredible horns, and Weppler’s vocals really soar.

The upbeat songs will definitely get you moving and stick with you long after the first of many listens. If this is the start, then you had better watch out for the next bunch of songs, they’ll knock you out. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase Sir Cadian Rhythm here: iTunes | Bandcamp

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