Album Review: Slackrr – ‘Set The Night On Fire’


Despite only being active for four years, Slackrr have earned their place as one of the UK’s most talked about pop-punk bands.

The Southampton trio are known for their relentless touring, headlining the Isle of Wight Fest, playing the main stage at Rebellion Festival, and hitting capacity at both their sets at The Fest 20 as part of their first US tour.

In March 2022, the band signed with Lost Music Collective, run by Vinnie Fiorello (drummer/lyricist for Less Than Jake, and founder of Fueled By Ramen Records) and have been going from strength to strength since.

Now, Slackrr have released their third full-length album, Set The Night On Fire, and it’s another example of why this band deserve all the attention they’re getting from press and fans the world over.

From the moment the title track kicks in, you can tell this is going to be 11 tracks of anthemic pop-punk.

These influences continue to show through from single “Lie To Me,” to closer “Change Of Pace”
the former’s ‘woah’-filled chorus, and latter’s shift in vocal style and claps, creating a nostalgic sound that wouldn’t be out of place amongst Fuelled By Ramen bands of the early noughties.

Scotty and Cait’s duelling vocals on the “Bad Blood” chorus amp up the emotion, amongst riffs and melodies that draw influence from emo greats and pop-punk legends in equal measure.

“Ebb & Flow” on the other hand is the epitome of new-school, with pounding kick-drums, a sing-a-long chorus, and gang vocals.

Infectious choruses and bouncy, danceable riff-filled verses are something Slackrr excel at, prevalent throughout the album, without the tracks sounding samey, “This Time” and “Where You Left Me” as prime examples.

On Set The Night On Fire, Slackrr once again find the balance between the old and new–which is probably why they’re garnering fans from various generations–with enough reminiscence of the glory days combined with modern stylings to create a sound that feels comfortingly familiar, while still being refreshing and unique.

Check out Set The Night On Fire on Spotify/Apple Music or pick up a physical copy on the band’s Big Cartel.

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