Album Review: Sludgeworth – Losers of the Year


After almost 30 years, the defunct Chicago melodic punk band Sludgeworth are seeing a re-issue of their posthumous compilation Losers of the Year. An album seemingly lost in time, Red Scare Industries saw the need for a re-release of this awesome compilation of the band’s songs. Composed of members of Screeching Weasel and Ethyline, the band was only around for a few years before calling it quits, but this compilation rips. And with two new unreleased songs, you’d be crazy not to give it a listen.

Upon listening to Losers of the Year, the first thing I noticed was the passion behind every song. Each track has such stress behind the vocals, while every instrumental seems like a cathartic ritual for the members. Ripping guitars, crunchy bass, pounding drums, and biting vocals lead this compilation of songs to an end that was unfortunately permanent. But, we get to relive the music forever now.

Losers of the Year spit out 17 tracks that are melodic, fast, and take no shit. Songs like “I Analyze” and “Over and Over” host some of the finest examples of Sludgeworth’s ability to rock out. Bitter vocals backed by a full ensemble of punks making art guide these songs to a familiar feeling that you will find throughout the entirety of the album. The emotion this album gives off is hard to describe, yet it feels nostalgic in a way, as if this is a band you grew up with and listening to the album after years apart brings those feelings back.

The production on this album only lends itself to the overall feel of Losers of the Year. While not the best recording, the gruff fidelity and mastering gives that feeling of quality over quantity which sounds like an oxymoron. But, why have super polished tracks when your talent is apparent despite the sound quality? 

Losers of the Year is an album that may have flown under people’s radar the first time around and since has been under-represented in the punk space. But, this album is very good and one I think is worthy of your time. If you’re looking for a nostalgic melodic punk sound from yesteryear, look no further than this compilation.

Be sure to check out Losers of the Year which is out now on Red Scare Industries.

Check it out here.

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