Album Review: Sonic Poison – “Sonic Poison”

Sonic Poison
Sonic Poison
(LifeLine Records)

The first time I heard the name Ron Grimaldi was on Kill Your Idols’ release, Fur is For Fucks. He showed up again on “Miserable and Satisfied”, sealing my attention to this screaming bitter dude. When KYI disbanded, Paul Delaney and Gary Bennet formed Deathcycle appropriately with Grimaldi screaming. Deathcycle released two sinister full lengths and few splits. They broke up, and musically, Grimaldi had stayed quiet. Until Now. Enter current Sheer Terror drummer, Anthony Corallo and Rick Lopez of The Casualties to sling six strings and Tom Clavin on bass, the New York punk Rock/hardcore resume is stacked. Their first release here is four tracks of chaotic destruction.

Steeped in punk and DIY ethos, these four tracks hammer out rage and rebellion in the usual short fast loud fashion. It’s glorious. The synergy, from Tom and Anthony playing in Concrete Cross and Disnihil together, and everyone’s experience is a tight machine of anger. Production is on point, raw but focused. Each instrument is discernible, with low rumbles balanced with the galloping bass and clanging cymbals. Corallo produced this himself in the band’s space.

Grimaldi’s honed spewing is aimed at social and political imbalance in a suffocating society in “Mass Surveillance”. Then with the opener, “Will It Ever End?” and the sequential “Another Day of Misery”, Grimaldi spits vocals of depression and jaded memories. KYI fans will rejoice in the malaise. The latter boasts a dope breakdown that will arms swinging and feet two-stepping to a hardcore beat meant to incite.

Round out this release with artwork from Chad Lawson (Rude Awakening, Expire, Backtrack, etc) and this EP is a must have. Influences are there, but Sonic Poison emulates no one directly. Similarities to Kill Your Idols are there, and will be noted. But that’s a huge bonus in my book. This EP is crushing. It rips out of the gate and is unrelenting to your speakers, ears, and guts. Inciting your emotions and sense of justice, this music will trigger all of punk’s attractive qualities. (Hutch)

RIYL: KYI, Discharge, Conflict, ENT, Negative Approach, Violent Arrest, Direct Control, Strung Up, Government Warning, Dead Stop, Tear It Up.

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