Album Review: Sorority Noise – ‘Joy, Departed’

Sorority Noise
Joy, Departed
(Topshelf Records)

Sorority Noise combines the elements of emo and ambient music in their latest full-length release Joy, Departed. The Connecticut based band consists of members from Old Grey and Prawn.

The first song on the album, “Blissth,” starts the album at a very slow and somber mood. The clean guitars create an atmospheric sound with the delay effects incorporated in the album. The vocals on the beginning of this track are slow and tired sounding which gives a good “day/night” comparison when the distorted guitars kick in.

The emotional lyrics continues on the track “Corrigan,” however, this song is more upbeat than the opening track and it goes to show the many different avenues of sound the band explored on the album.

The best part about this Sorority Noise release is that the album keeps listeners on their feet. The album does not contain all slow songs and it can be difficult to predict where the tempo or the direction of the songs on the album will go.

The vocals on the album are very clear and there is very little confusion about what lyrics are being sung. The rest of the instruments do still retain clarity; however the guitars sound a little drown out from the fuzz of the distortion. This factor is a personal taste that is common in the genre, but some listeners may want to hear each individual note that is being played. This factor of un-clarity is compensated through the various effects the band uses throughout the album.

The album wraps up quite nicely with the track “When I See You (Timberwolf)”

Joy, Departed is one of the best albums to come out of the recent rise of popularity of the emo genre and can be compared to bands such as Brand New, Seahaven and American Football. The album is very melodic, exciting and all around very passionate. (Matthew Saunders)

Purchase Joy, Departed here.

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