Album Review: Soulside – A Brief Moment in the Sun


Soulside are a post-hardcore band from D.C. that are releasing their first full-length album since 1989. They play with a pearl of elderly wisdom, opening their arms for the bands that followed in their footsteps. They are the guides and this will be a playbook for others to follow for years to come.

Soulside play with a confident calm. It is clear that they aren’t in any rush. This gives the music a lot of room to breathe. They lay down grooves and let everything flow flawlessly. The band sound like they’re having a lot of fun, which shows in each song.

As strong as the riffs are (more on that in a bit), it’s the drumming of Alexis Fleisig that truly drives the band. He plays with an intense passion. He lays back when he has to or pushes things forward when the song calls for it. He is creative with his drumbeats. His fills are good and don’t become a distraction. Each fill is well-thought-out.

Fleisig and bassist Johnny Temple work well together. Temple’s bass lines garner attention but work incredibly well with the riffs of Scott McCloud. He is a rhythmic guitar player who is a lot of fun to listen to. He doesn’t “shred,” but he doesn’t need to (see first paragraph). He plays with a mature style that is a refreshing listen.

Singer Bobby Sullivan’s vocal style fits astoundingly well with the music of Soulside. His smooth voice almost sounds like another musical instrument instead of vocal cords. His vocal phrasing is catchy and good to sing along with.

The first sentence of this review will give everyone a good idea of what Soulside sound like if they haven’t heard them before. They haven’t changed all that much from their earlier days. They sound older, but that’s a positive. They have life experience, which comes across loud and clear on A Brief Moment in the Sun.

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