Album Review: Spanish Love Songs – Doom and Gloom Sessions


Spanish Love Songs has had me on the edge of my seat waiting for their next release ever since I listened to Brave Faces, Everyone. Until they unleash their anger-fueled music onto the masses, they decided to hold fans over with their new EP, Doom & Gloom Sessions. A collection of fan-voted covers inhabit this four-song EP with their interpretation of some great songs. This EP proves once again that Spanish Love Songs knows how to craft a killer song, even if it’s not their own.

The Doom & Gloom Sessions is a fun take on covers that many are familiar with. Opening up on The Killers’ classic “Smile Like You Mean It”, Spanish Love Songs’ version delivers a more serious tone in their signature style. Utilizing synth, distorted guitar tones, and quivering vocals that transform into a powerful force to close the song out, they crush this song, really making it their own.

Spanish Love Songs also takes on Jimmy Eat World’s song “Futures,” which is probably my favorite cover on Doom & Gloom Sessions. This song is a close resemblance to where their style came from. They do this song justice, adding a little more that the original was missing. Or, I’m just biased and prefer Spanish Love Songs to Jimmy Eat World. Regardless, if you prefer the original version, it’s safe to say you’ll really enjoy their take on it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the emo inspired pop punk band, Doom & Gloom Sessions is a fantastic introduction to the band. The covers on this EP are haunting, sporting Spanish Love Songs sound that combines emo, pop punk, and indie while vocalist Dylan Sloclum delivers his quaking, gloomy, anger-filled vocals. I can’t praise Spanish Love Songs enough, they are great at what they do. I would have preferred new original music by them, however this EP is great, so do yourself a favor and listen to it as soon as you can!

Be sure to check out Doom & Gloom Sessions out now via Pure Noise Records!

Check it out here.

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