Album review: Spanish Love Songs – No Joy


Known for creating gut-wrenching songs that revolve around death, the state of the world, and other fun, depressing subjects, Spanish Love Songs are coming in strong with their new album No Joy. Diverting from the punk sound of their previous albums, No Joy has a more 80’s new-wave feel that succeeds in juxtaposing soul-crushing lyrics with fun, synth-forward instrumentals that will make you want to dance your sorrow away. This album is great, and if you’re a fan of Spanish Love Songs, you’ll love it.

Although a far cry from their previous albums, No Joy brings a new side of Spanish Love Songs into view. Don’t get it twisted; the Los Angeles-based quintet still brings that emo feeling that they are known for. Singer and guitarist Dylan Slocum still adorns his shaky vocal style to deliver poetic lyrics that play off of one another, creating a part of their signature sound. Songs like “Pendulum” and Marvel” are perfect examples of this. While beautiful instrumentals are being created as a backdrop, Slocum’s vocals and lyrics lead a march into oblivion.

The production on No Joy is nothing short of stellar. Every instrument is bright and-in-your face. Tracks like “Middle of Nine” and the closing song “Re-Emerging Signs of the Apocalypse” are perfect. They’re glimmering explosions of sound, with every tone shining through. Spanish Love Songs brought the heat on their new album, and you don’t want to miss out on this.

No Joy is a fantastic release from Spanish Love Songs. They do a phenomenal job at giving care to their music and the art they create, which is apparent throughout their discography. Spanish Love songs are only growing and getting better album after album. This is a ferocious listen that presents incredible lyricism and masterful instrumentals. Do yourself a favor, and don’t sleep on this album!

Be sure to check out No Joy when it drops on August 25 via Pure Noise Records.

Check it out here.

Photo courtesy of Hanna Hill

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