Album Review: Staring Out The Sun – “Break The Silence”

Staring Out The Sun
Break The Silence

This four piece band from London, England have put out a four song EP of hard hitting modern rock that hits you fast and heavy. The band features John Buckell (vocals), Alex Alvarado (drums), Tekin Mustafa (guitars), and Chris Caller (bass).

“Trust No One” starts off the EP with hard riffs, and pounding drums that make for a thrilling opening blast from the band. “YMEE” is a crunchy rock song that keeps the power and energy going, and then we get “Secrets” which could be the obvious choice of a radio hit with the amazing chorus and tight production. “Anaesthesia” closes out the EP with a smoother sound, not as in your face as the other songs and features impressive harmony.
The EP shows a band on the way up and in full control of talent that will grab you upon first listen of these songs. I can’t wait to hear a full length from these guys and see where they take the listener. (Rick Ecker)

Purchase Break The Silence on iTunes here.

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