Album Review: Stick To Your Guns – Spectre


Stick To Your Guns is coming out with their seventh studio album titled Spectre. The Orange County hardcore five-piece have gone a little more radio friendly on their newest release. Luckily, this album isn’t all radio hits. Stick To Your Guns have maintained their hardcore sensibilities and remembered their roots.

The vocals on Spectre are really well-done. Changing between clean and screamed vocals, vocalist Jesse Barnett gives his all on this release. His voice compliments the instruments very well, and he is able to switch his vocal style at the drop of a hat. It’s impressive, and I couldn’t think of a better singer to lead Stick To Your Guns.

Songs like “Who Dares” and “Hush” really hit the mark on their hardcore roots. These songs slap, bringing hearty chugs and brutalizing vocals that are delivered as deep, powerful growls. When Stick To Your Guns stick to their roots, their art shines. The more hardcore-oriented songs are powerful and vicious, and what I prefer from the band. But, bands must evolve and grow from sounds and try new things out. Although Spectre delivers hardcore songs, some songs do not fit this mold.

Other songs go the more radio-friendly route, such as “Weapon,” one of the singles from Spectre. With the chorus stating “My heart is a weapon,” the song is reminiscent of radio hits by bands like Atreyu. While “Weapon” is not the best song on the album, it’s not bad. It’s just their radio hit. The song is a safe bet, and hopefully that gets them more exposure to the general public, thus bringing in more fans and more opportunities to create more music.

Spectre is a good album. It’s solid in its composition and delivery, and although some parts weren’t for me, by no stretch is the album bad. Stick To Your Guns gave a fantastic performance on this album, between their songwriting and the energy they deliver, Spectre was a fun listen. It may not be one that you have on repeat, but it’s a great use of your spare time, and I recommend giving this album a listen.

Be sure to check out Spectre when it drops on July 29 via Pure Noise Records.

Check it out here.

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