Album Review: The Story So Far – “The Story So Far”

The Story So Far
The Story So Far
(Pure Noise Records)

The Story So Far follow up their sophomore 2013 release What You Don’t See with a self-titled third full length. The Story So Far stays true to the pop punk/hardcore sound that they have crafted during their career while also exploring a new avenue of melodic and ambient sounds.

The first track entitled “Smile” is the best example of the new ambient element The Story So Far is incorporating in some of their songs.  The track starts out with guitar feedback used for an atmospheric effect which quickly transitions to the pop punk sound The Story So Far has become known for.

The same feedback technique is use on the track “Phantom” as the distorted guitar is used to fill all the empty space that the clean guitar doesn’t fill during the progression.  The distorted guitar also give a somber mood to the track as vocalist Parker Cannon sings a ballad of reaching out to a certain person’s “phantom.” This new composition technique The Story So Far is now using doesn’t dominate the sound of the self-titled nor does it make the album any less exciting and enticing.

The single “Nerve” goes to show that The Story So Far keeps true to the upbeat, angry pop punk songs that are prevalent in their catalogue.  The lyrics depict unrequited love and are sure to attract listeners who can relate. The song “Heavy Gloom” also stands out on the album.  Not only does the song feature bitter lyrics that are relatable to many of the band’s listeners, but also the song features a bass line in the introduction of the song that sets out a groove for the rest of the album to follow.

Many fans were skeptical of this release since the expected result was that the album would sound like Under Soil and Dirt, however that’s not the case, as the self-titled is the most adventurous release from the band to date. A prevailing theme in the album in “feeling indigo.”  The term is used in both the tracks “Nerve” and “Solo.”  It is yet to be confirmed if this theme will progress with the release of the album, however, the fact that this term appears more than once in the album raises some questions.

The album was recorded at The Panda Studio in California with Sam Pura and sounded more tame compared to their previous albums that were also recorded with Pura.

The album was overall an impressive endeavor by The Story So Far.  The band definitely proved to their fans that they are not afraid to try new things when it comes to their music and aren’t afraid to change the pop punk status quo.  The songs are a great addition to The Story So Far’s discography and live set list.
(Matthew Saunders)

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