Album Review: Straight Line Stitch – “Transparency”

Straight Line Stitch
(Pavement Entertainment)

Straight Line Stitch is a metal/metalcore band originating from Knoxville who has been working the music scene since the early 2000s. They have undergone more than 10 member changes since its conception, and despite the constant struggle to find consistent members, vocalist Alexis Brown has remained the constant officiate since the first days of the band. Their EP Transparency is the latest album in considerably lengthy line of EP/LPSs since 2001.

Though they have made a mark for their name at previous concert festivals such as Mayhem Fest, Straight Line Stitch is relatively underground in the metal scene, Although their efforts continue, their progress is stagnant on their newest album Transparency.

Transparency opens with an intro track which is not necessary and proves little benefit to the vitality of the album. The following track “Dark Matter,” is a much stronger track, however, still lacks any wow-factor. The clean vocals are layered more than needed and the guitar riffs are generic. Brown does, however, create catchy sing-along melodies with her clean vocals.

Straight Line Stitch definitely holds strong to their sound, although it is not original. Their vocals and music are significantly similar in style and sound to bands like In This Moment. Brown’s vocals are not remarkable but probably the most valuable aspect to the band, as the music is mediocre and lacks variation between material. The music and musicians as a whole are sloppy in their transitions and collective tempo.

If progress is Straight Line Stitch’s goal they may take heed to improve their technical skills as musicians and inject more color and range into Brown’s clean vocals or they may remain a so-so band with unimpressive ability. (Macie Bennett)

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