Album Review: Make Them Suffer – “Old Souls”

Make Them Suffer
Old Souls
(Roadrunner Records)

Australia’s six piece Make Them Suffer have returned for their sophomore release, Old Souls, just in time for summer celebrations. Still fairly unheard of here in the states, there’s a better chance that his one could slip under the radars, but Make Them Suffer do offer some attractive moments to the constant metalcore daze with their latest collection.

Old Souls may not be anything revolutionary – it certainly is not – but it does bring down the hammer in some excellent ways, while also hinting toward a possibly advanced future for the band. Tracks like “Requiem”, “Threads”, and “Marionette” do the best job in showing off the basic, heavy metal bones fueling Make Them Suffer, coupled by that hardcore speed and barrage; while tracks like “Let Me In”, “Blood Moon”, “Timeless”, and “Old Souls” show the band’s ability to expand and progress into more interesting, innovative ways. Thanks are likely due to Joey Sturgis (Emmure, Asking Alexandria) and Jason Suecoff (The Black Dahlia Murder, Trivium) for these important touches, as they both helped the band during the year this record was created.

The occasional cinematic structure, piano signature, and back-up vocals could be used more often, but they are all (at the least) very helpful in their places of Old Souls. Perhaps, by their third album, Make Them Suffer will have learned to better utilize these strong points. As far as this one goes, Old Souls is a strong enough metalcore release to adequately kill your time for the start of the summer vacation. It could be replaced quickly enough, but returns to it now and then could very well be expected. There’s potential to be heard here. (Nathaniel Lay)

Purchase Old Souls here.

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