Album Review: Swarþ – “Veneficvim”

Veneficvim 7″
(Iron Bonehead)

Swarþ are back for more malevolent and tortured black metal. Omniscient and heavy, the Veneficvim 7″ offers two extreme tracks. From whatever sacred and hidden place this band hails from Swarþ continues to churn out impressive and rare material.

Both tracks bare a visceral assault down on the listener, and will drag them into whatever sordid domain this band remains hidden in. The quality of production on Veneficvim is slightly improved from Mors Rex Salvator Hominum. It’s difficult to weigh a two track 7″ against a four song EP. Mors Rex Salvator Hominum is a longer EP, and the added variety might be the distinguishing difference between Veneficvim and MRSH. Either way Veneficvim does not lack in production at all, and I believe it’s the most focused effort by the mysterious entity known as Swarþ. (Nick P)

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