Album Review: Synodik – “A Matter of Perception”

A Matter of Perception
(Imminence Records)

In a unexpected move, Italy’s latest metal export doesn’t sound like most Italian bands. This is technical, absolutely, but it doesn’t have much in common with Hour of Penance or Fleshgod Apocalpyse, at least upon first glance. In fact, Synodik’s sound is closer to American modern death metal, evoking Fallujah or The Faceless. Again, that comparison is close, but it doesn’t hit the mark. In a move that is both welcome and surprising, Synodik is sort of its own beast.

Where Synodik borrows most from its Italian metal heritage is in the riff department. While most modern death metal only grooves when it djents (can we stop that, please?), the often the guitarist understands how compose some nifty guitar riffs which build atmosphere and allow the neck to move swiftly back and forth. In that vein, both of the full songs on this EP are a surprisingly effective showcase of songwriting, utilizing momentum to propel songs naturally forward, so seven-plus-minute songs don’t feel like exercises; they feel like enjoyable journeys. In fact, “The Perceived Wisdom”, starting out with some solid clean vocals, evokes a more successful iteration of The Faceless’ recent output.

What is ultimately the most impressive aspect of this short EP is how mature Synodik sounds. Sure, keen listeners can still play a game of spot the influence, but this Italian band already seems to be carving out its own identity. When it comes to the next band we look to like Fallujah or Black Crown Initiate, look no further than Synodik. Feel free to argue, but it’s clearly a matter of perception. (Nicholas Senior)

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