Album Review: T. Hardy Morris – Drownin’ On A Mountaintop

T. Hardy Morris will almost always be known for his time in the Dead Confederates, but thanks to his work with the brilliant supergroup Diamond Rugs and now his second stellar solo record, he is adding a hell of a second act to his resume.

Much like Audition Tapes, his 2013 debut going it alone, Drownin’ on a Mountaintop is a mix of country, rock and just a bit of that southern grunge he helped pioneer with his first band. The result is just as solid the second time around. The focus has moved away a bit from the more somber tracks (though there are a few here and there) with louder guitars this go round.

Delivered with his slowed-down drawl, there is hardly a weak track out of the nearly dozen here. Songs like the fuzz-heavy “Likes of Me” and “Cut N’ Dry” fit along surprisingly well alongside a pedal steel-saturated country weeper “Just Like the Movies.”

While many still name check his first band when talking about Morris, this latest solo effort is proving he has a shelf life that is much longer than some had assumed.

Purchase Hardy & The Hardknocks: Drownin’ On A Mountaintop here.

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