Album Review: Temple Of Angels – Endless Pursuit


Austin natives Temple of Angels debut full-length, Endless Pursuit, is a gorgeous, soaring album of gothic beauty. It’s packed with tantalizing ambience that is soothing, aggressive and everywhere in-between.

It’s tough to pigeonhole the album, but “dream pop” might be the best way to put it. The popular track “Tangled In Joy” might personify that better than any other. It’s a shiny song with soaring vocals, beaming with positivity. It follows the album’s opening and title track “Endless Pursuit.” The hazy-as-its-album-cover song sets the tone for the rest of the album as a cloud-like tune.

“Waving To the Wind” pushes a driving, rock sound with electrifying vocals. A true summer road trip track, this is the kind of tune is worthy of windows-down drive through the country side. “Lost In Darkness” flips the script as one of the albums more aggressive songs. It’s beautifully painful; a relatable cry for help. It emphasizes the confusion and disorientation of loss.

“Love Spins Around” reflects a more psychedelic ambience with a lengthy hook that quickly builds to a smashing finish. This song feels tailor made for festivals.

“When the Shadow Smiles Back” is a standout number on the album, utilizing the band’s versatile vocal capabilities. It’s dark and full, expertly mixed and packed with emotion. “Torment” features a driving drum beat with vocals tossed though a reverb hallway. There’s a sense of urgency in this track that forces the listener to brace themselves as they barrel to the album’s last few songs.

“Secret Place” is a guitar-based tune combining edgier riffs with heightened, dreamlike vocals. “Stay” has an 80s rock undertone. A thick base-line quickly gives way to a smooth guitar progression that underlines the entire track, alternating from low-to-high notes.

“The Hill” snaps Endless Pursuit out of its spell of seemingly dark songs. It feels like an altercation in the storyline, as if the clouds have lifted as the band puts you in a better place before the final track. Speaking of the final song, “(For You) I’d Lose It All” ends the album on a positive note as a poppy, upbeat tune.

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