Album Review: The Brokedowns – Maximum Khaki


If you’re looking to a fun punk album to check out, look no further, because The Brokedowns’ new album Maximum Khaki is out now, and it’s a super fun listen. In the span of roughly 22 minutes, The Brokedowns take you through a fast paced display of punk songs that give the impression that quality is over quantity. The passion and excitement that is delivered through Maximum Khaki is the best aspect of the album. Let’s dive into it.

The opener, “Obey the Fumes,” wastes no time getting into The Brokedowns punk style. Charging head first with a twangy guitar riff, and energetic drumming, the song is a perfect example of how The Brokedowns rock out. Not only is it an excellent opener for the album, but a great display of what you’ll hear by The Brokedowns on the 14-track album. Most of the songs on the album hold the same energy that “Obey the Fumes” does.

Every song on Maximum Khaki brings an energy that is unmatched on more recent punk albums. Songs like “Satan in Quarantine,” “Osama Van Halen,” and “Chakra Updates” are scathing punk tunes. They all showcase a stellar performance fronted by screamed vocals, punk guitar riffs, and blasting drums. If you’re going to check out any song on Maximum Khaki, let it be these three. You won’t be disappointed.

Overall, Maximum Khaki is a fun listen. A lot of the music you’ll hear on the album is a rehash of other punk styles and bands that do it a bit better than The Brokedowns, but that shouldn’t deter you from this album. Maximum Khaki is worth a listen or two. It’s just a fun punk album that is begging for you to listen to it. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite punk band.

Be sure to check out Maximum Khaki, out now via Red Scare Industries.

Check it out here!

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