Album Review: The Doughboys – “Hot Beat Stew”

The Doughboys
Hot Beat Stew

The Doughboys haven’t wasted much time since reforming in 2000, as this is their 5th album since, and exemplifies that the band’s sound hasn’t changed much since the ’60s. Staying true to the institution of rock’n’roll, Hot Beat Stew provides us with plenty of guitar licks and a rowdy rhythm section where influences of garage, blues and R&B keep the listener guessing. The occasional acoustic ballad and southern rock moment add a nice touch to the listen, though where the band really shine are the anthemic rockers which there are plenty of. If you like the idea of bands like Aerosmith or The Rolling Stones but just need something with a little more grit, this is perfect for you. (Tom Haugen)

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