Album Review: The Front Bottoms – You Are Who You Hang Out With


The pop-emo duo The Front Bottoms are back with their newest album You Are Who You Hang Out With. The Front Bottoms bring a big energy on their newest album, creating larger than life sounds that will blow your eardrums out. Produced by the legendary Steve Evetts, You Are Who You Hang Out With has a fantastic sound to it, really driving home an energy that will get some radio play for the duo.

Despite the pop direction The Front Bottoms took, subtle hints of the awkward, emo tone fans are accustomed to can still be found on You Are Who You Hang Out With. Tracks like “Punching Bag” and “Clear Path” have that old school The Front Bottoms sound, utilizing the simple chord progression that Brian Sella, guitarist and singer, is known for. Mathew Uychich’s drumming still sounds as good as ever on these songs.

The Front Bottoms big sounds can be found on tracks like “Outlook” and “Brick,” building up during the verses, then exploding on the choruses like atom bombs. The pop-oriented sound they were going for on this album really helps these songs out. They offer a nostalgic catchiness that found new light on You Are Who You Hang Out With. These songs will have you singing your heart out as you jam along to the album.

You Are Who You Hang Out With doesn’t capture the feeling that previous albums from The Front Bottoms had, layered throughout every sound and lyric they created, but it is a fun listen. Trading emo sensibilities for more pop oriented sounds, it falls flat in some areas that fans of the previous albums are used to. But, maybe that’s on me. Maybe I’m stuck in the past. Bands are supposed to grow and try new things. I’m more partial to albums like their self-titled and Talon of the Hawk. Regardless, check this album out, and let me know what you think!

Be sure to check out You Are Who You Hang Out With, out now on Fueled By Ramen!

Check it out here.

Photo courtesy of The Front Bottoms 

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