Album Review: The Ghost Club – King Whatever


Pittsburgh has a long tradition of great bands—across a slew of different genres—that sadly rarely make that jump to a national audience. For every Rusted Root, there is a band like The Clarks, Brownie Mary, or Aus-Rotten who never seem to break out beyond the tri-state area (For everyone’s sake, let’s all pretend that Anti-Flag never happened).

The Ghost Club are the latest underdog band from Steel City that truly deserves an audience outside of Pennsylvania. The indie rock five-piece pull from a slew of influences as varied as Springsteen and dance punk bands like The Sparks.

The synth-heavy album opener “I’m Sold” has a strong Killers or Low Cut Connie vibe, while elsewhere you can hear snatches of New Order and a less brooding Joy Division (which I guess is New Order). The band have even managed to make the saxophone sound cool again. On “If I Fell (Don’t Wait Here For Me),” they play a triumphant song of self-reliance with some of the album’s best guitar work, while the driving “Another Little Sicker” is a true standout here.

The record closes on the atmospheric “Don’t Let Go,” a perfect cap to an eclectic collection. Despite being a regional band (for now), The Ghost Club create anthemic sing along music that is aching to be played in stadiums.

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