Album Review: The Iron Roses – Self-Titled


Cheerful and angry is the best way to describe the new The Iron Roses self-titled album. These 11 tracks are incendiary bombs with an undertone of gleeful celebration in every song. Crafting music inbetween punk, ska, and a touch of hardcore, The Iron Roses aren’t taking anyone’s shit on their newest album. It is chock full of explosive choruses, catchy singalongs, and a fuck you attitude that will have you throwing this record on repeat for a while.

“Screaming for a Change”, the opening track to The Iron Roses self-titled album, is a ripping punk jam with a tone of happiness that juxtaposes the downtrodden lyrics of feeling helpless when wanting change in life. The dual vocals of Nathan Gray and Becky Fontaine are fantastic, which is something found throughout the album. They play off of each other’s energy so well, it’s easy to get caught up in singing along, thinking you’re the third singer with a lot less talent. 

You’ll find a range of emotions on The Iron Roses new album. Slower songs get thrown into the mix of faster tracks, making the entire album an enjoyable listen from front to back. There is a good deal of diversity between songs that boredom doesn’t seem to set in at any point. Make no mistake though, the slower songs go just as hard as the faster ones. Songs like “Hearts of Fire” and “Justify the Lies” have that slower ska sound but take inspiration from the hardcore scene. 

The Iron Roses self-titled album is a breath of fresh air in a landscape of tired music. Maybe it’s because this is my first time listening to them, but they are able to mix genres and styles fluidly and stylishly, suiting the energy and tone of the album. Every track is a fun listen, diving into an irate frenzy of sound and lyrics that are bound to get the most jaded punks up and dancing. Don’t sleep on The Iron Roses self-titled album. It is a great fucking listen.

Be sure to check out The Iron Roses self-titled album when it drops on October 20, via Iodine Records!

Check it out here.

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