Album Review: The Lemonheads – Come On Feel


Alternative rock legends The Lemonheads are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Come On Feel this week, and this blast from the past sounds better than it ever has. The album features some easy listening tunes while still delivering that alternative sound that fans of The Lemonheads flock to. Every song is a nostalgia trip, basked in 90’s college rock vibes that made them so popular. 

Opening on “The Great Big No”, The Lemonheads waste no time getting to work to deliver sweet melodies to your ears. This song ebbs and flows, grooving in and out between the choruses and verses until the very end. The song features fantastic vocals and instrumentation, creating a spectacle of songwriting for radio play. More pop in delivery, this opener sets the stage for what’s to be expected on Come On Feel.

While not every song has aged like wine, many songs have aged gracefully, like “Down About It” and “Rest Assured”, showcasing more fast paced rock songs for the college crowd. Simple chords and simple drumming back-up monotone vocals that are just trying to get emotional lyrics out, and that’s what these songs are about. Relatable and easy to get into, Come On Feel will make you feel something with each track.

While Come On Feel is not my favorite album from The Lemonheads, it’s still a good listen, incorporating everything that made me fall in love with them in the first place. Combining elements of indie, alternative, and college rock to create a long-lasting impression on the masses, this album is worth a listen or two. It’s a great introduction to the Lemonheads if you never listened to them, and who knows, they may just become your favorite band.

Be sure to check out the 30th Anniversary Edition of Come On Feel when it drops on May 19th, via Fire Records!

Check it out here.

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