Album Review: The Maine – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (Re-Release)


In 2008, when Tempe-based rock band The Maine released their debut album, record companies signing any guitar band in their late teens/early 20s seemed almost bound by covenant to label those bands as emo, pop punk are in most cases both. Almost two decades after the release of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, it’s pretty clear the band was not really either, but essentially a solid pop band. And by being lumped into the hot for the moment scene dominated by bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco, The Maine seemed to benefit at the moment, but were branded as a genre “also ran” in the long run (like the Enuff Z’Nuff of glam metal and Candlebox of grunge).

Thanks to Craft Recordings, though, and their vinyl re-release of the record, the band have a second chance to redefine themselves to a new generation. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the album’s release, the label is putting it out in a variety of color variants. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop boasts songs that would go on to become fan favorites like “Into Your Arms,” the band’s first single, as well as “Time to Go,” “Girls Do What They Want” and “Everything I Ask For.” Lyrically, the music is pretty predictable, with the band writing mainly about girls and hanging out, but not too surprising as the members were just out of high school when they wrote and recorded the dozen songs that make up the album. Musically though, the band seem to be playing beyond their age at this point.

Over the next 15 years, the band would mature as song writers and put out better records (including their self-titled record that came out just a few months ago), though under less of a spotlight, but Can’t Stop Won’t Stop will always hold a special place for kids who were discovering their own taste in music during high school as the band was dominating MySpace and gigging with the Warped Tour.

This vinyl re-release is being offered in limited edition colors like Silver and Gold Marble (via, Transparent Black and Yellow Splatter (available exclusively via Revolver), and Lemon Yellow (at select indie record stores).

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