Album Review: The Sex Organs – We’re Fucked


Typically, when a huge dick is fronting a band, that’s your cue to leave. Not here. If ever you walk in on The Sex Organs, take off your pants and join the party.

Coming straight from the Andromeda Galaxy, the duo of Bone (guitar/vocals) and Vagina Dentata (drums/vocals) are here to share We’re Fucked on Voodoo Rhythm Records. It’s the second LP from this gigantic genitalia-shaped rock combo, and the follow-up to 2017’s Intergalactic Sex Tourists. The new album is a dozen tracks of erotic rock ‘n roll, continuing the band’s sex-positive, lo-fi mission to get you laid.

We’re Fucked is a romp. The opener, “Let’s Fuck Around,” is a blast of classic stripped-down rock that highlights how the classic garage rock of the ‘60s mutated into the Ramones’ primordial punk. “Where Is My Dildo” and “Hair in My Mouth” are equally arousing as they are funny. “Vagina Dentata” will make you want to avoid the dentist, while “Asshole” has the weirdest (and grossest, depending on your tolerance level) solo ever.

Plus, We’re Fucked is educational. After listening to “Oxytocine,” you’ll learn it’s  “a natural hormone that manages key aspects of the female and male reproductive systems.”

(There are rumors that this trashy rock twosome is Bone from The Anyomalys and Jackie from The Jackets. But Jackie and Bone aren’t from Andromeda, so take that with a pinch of salt.)

The Sex Organs are a two-piece, and while that might be a turn-off to some listeners, they should open up and give We’re Fucked a try. Yes, twosomes often fail to excite you because they’re limited in scope and sound. In order to stand out, these bands need to bring a unique perspective, a creative gimmick, some amazing songs, or d) all of the above.

Thankfully, The Sex Organs are not ones to be caught with their pants down. We’re Fucked is surging with amazing tunes, hilarious one-liners, a pro-sex attitude, and hooks so catchy, you may want to check yourself into a clinic.

We’re Fucked shows how The Sex Organs have grown from their debut, delivering a bigger, girthier sound. Bone’s guitarwork dabbles in power cords, fuzz, and surf twang. Vagina Dentata’s drumming hits all the right spots (her bongo work on “Asshole” is a highlight of the album), and her vocals are just as alluring. 

We’re Fucked is a blast from foreplay to climax. Best of all? Once is not enough; We’re Fucked is so good, The Sex Organs will keep you coming back for more.

The Sex Organs We’re Fucked is out now. Buy it here.

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