Album Review: The Story So Far – I Want To Disappear


The Story So Far have released a new album, I Want To Disappear, via Pure Noise Records on June 21. The album features 10 tracks with a play time of just over 28 minutes. It was recorded and mixed by Jon Markson at The Animal Farm studio in Flemington, New Jersey.

Stream I Want To Disappear on Spotify here.

The album is purely a mix of pop punk and punk rock. It was a wonderful listen, but quite a few of the songs felt repetitive and alike. There were some that did stand apart from the rest that I considered to be my favorites.

The first track that really left a great impression was the opening track, “All This Time,” which really captures the essence of the band. It has that classic 2000s era pop-punk sound. From the lyrics to the instruments, everything about the track screams this is The Story So Far! It also sets up the album nicely to excite fans for the remaining of the album.

The next track was track number five, “Big Blind.” This track was really cool and a really great one to listen to. I had a lot of fun listening to it, and it was just a banger. The way it starts out with the guitars were quite fun, and it’s definitely a track that I loved. The drums were also quite prominent but hidden in the track at the same time. It was an effect that I enjoyed. The lyrics as well are what you expect for a pop-punk track. There’s something about it that makes for such a great track. The guitars are quite catchy within this track. I was definitely rocking out to it, during my first listen-through.

“You’re Still In My Way” is track eight out of 10, and the way that the vocals are changed up slightly near the beginning is really fun. I enjoyed that switch. The lyrics are also something worth noting. It also has a blink-182 vibe from the beginning as far as drums are concerned. The track really has punk-rock in its veins, and this track captures who The Story So Far want to be.

The last two tracks, “White Shores” and “I Want To Disappear,” have changed the game and pace of this album but in a way that would surprise you. During “White Shores” begins with an acoustic guitar; the others started with an electric guitar with a fair amount of crunch. Whilst the crunched guitars are greatly welcome, hearing a track with an acoustic sound, especially within this genre, is a nice break. It’s also much more of an emotional track. Using an electric guitar with crunch would have taken away from that. The title track, “I Want To Disappear,” has a similar sound to “White Shores.” but it’s a great way to end an album. Starting with a powerful, in-your-face track to conclude with. The acoustics were all amazing and a fantastic ending.

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