Album Review: The Young Hasselhoffs – Life Got In the Way


What kind of fucked up reality were we living through in the early 2000s when homophobic white boy rap by Limp Bizkit was selling millions and a brilliant group like The Young Hasselhoffs quietly turned in their sophomore album along with their resignation before slipping into anonymity?

But storms pass, hearts mend, and time heals all wounds, and Omaha’s greatest (only?) pop punk band finally coughed up another record. The 12-track Life Got In the Way is a nearly flawless exercise in frenetic guitars and drums blending with honey sweetened melodies and vocals. The record is far better than their novelty (yet still funny) band name would have you believe. The record starts off with the minute-long, sweet, breezy, acoustic number “Little Poems,” giving little hint at what follows. But from the ringing, distorted guitars on the title track, just two songs in, it’s clear the band have plenty of Ramones and Descendents on their playlist.

It’s hard to pick a standout track on a record crammed with essential songs. The “nah, nahs, nahs” on “Babydoll” juxtaposed with the massive power chords are hard to ignore, but the same can be said about the slow buildup of “Wish You Well,” an addictively catchy song that plays into the album title about those blink-and-you-miss-it moments when you take a desk job and then realize you’re already well into your adult years.

Not sure if that song is autobiographical, but it could explain that getting the band back together call after two decades apart. Regardless of the impetuous for this reunion, the record-buying public is better off living in a world where The Young Hasselhoffs are still making music.

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