Album Review: Therapy? – “Disquiet”

(Amazing Records)

From the moment my buddy Joe brought his copy of Infernal Love to our middle school science class some twenty-odd years ago, I’ve been hooked. Never before had I heard a band so full of blunt emotion or capable of striking a raw nerve as throughly as they did. Since then, whenever asked who my favorite band is, my usual response has been Therapy?.

Hailed as a continuation of sorts to their brilliant 1994 album Troublegum, Disquiet bings things back to basics while vastly improving over their previous effort, 2012’s A Brief Crack of Light. All the elements that make up a great Therapy? album are still there, including the thought-provoking lyrics that manage to hit close to home, as evident on tracks like “Still Hurts” (which works well as a lead-off single, complete with a manic video to go along with it). Other numbers such as “Good News is No News” and “Helpless Still Lost” hit the nail on the head with a sense of irony that many of us can relate to on some sort of level. Singer/guitarist Andy Cairn’s ability to put into words his life experiences the way he does remains nothing short of amazing. It may not be Troublegum, but it’s definitely worth a spot in their catalog; fourteen albums in, it’s good to see they’re still going this strong. (Jesse Striewski)

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