Album Review: Tim Heidecker – High School

Tim Heidecker, famously known as half of the alt-comedy duo Tim & Eric, is putting out his sixth studio album High School. Whether you like his comedy or not, his music is a different beast, one that combines alt-rock and indie rock, and is surprisingly somewhat serious in comparison to his comedy ventures. This chill record is one that you can pop on, relax, and smoke a joint to. If you’re a fan of his work already, you know exactly how to view his art.

High School is about—you guessed it—adolescence. Sprinkled with seemingly auto-biographical lyrics (some humorous, of course); simple, guitar-inspired by ’90’s music, and a guest spot or two, Tim Heidecker has made another fun album with the lyrics being the main event of the entire thing.

Opening on “Buddy,” this track is a very chilled out song, reminiscent of Mac Demarco (coincidentally, they utilized Mac Demarco’s home studio when writing the album). It’s a great opener and sets up the album nicely for what you’re about to hear. It’s simple chords overtop of what seems like a drum machine, with the lyrics being in the limelight of the entire album. 

Tim Heidecker can certainly write some catchy songs. I found songs getting stuck in my head from this album, such as “Chillin’ In Alaska” and “Get Back down To Me.” These songs have a country feel to them, and the choruses are incredibly catchy. I had these on repeat for a good amount of time. If I had to pick, “Chillin’ In Alaska” is a stand-out track on High School. It builds up for the entire four-and-a-half minutes it’s on. It’s one of the catchiest songs on the album, and was just a good fucking song.

The song “Sirens of Titan” features Kurt Vile, and it’s killer. This on the nose reference to the Kurt Vonnegut book is a funky song and definitely an outlier on the album. The crafting that this song has is fantastic, bringing you a mix between psychedelic rock, and ’70’s funk that doesn’t let up for the entire three-and-a-half minutes it’s on. It’s a track you can groove to, and really feel. And, with Kurt Vile’s guitar playing and backing vocals, it makes the song so much better. 

High School is rich with the feeling of adolescence, and Heidecker is viewing it through the lens of an adult, musing the nostalgia of his days as a teenager. Although this may not be album of the year for me, it’s a great reminder that Tim Heidecker is a fantastic singer and songwriter, and he keeps coming back with fun, chill music to relax to.

Be sure to check out High School by Tim Heidecker when it drops on June 24 via Spacebomb Records.

Check it out here.

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