Album Review: Timeshares – “Already Dead”

Already Dead
(SideOneDummy Records)

The growth that Timeshares exhibit on their sophomore release may be a dividing line in their fan base. They’ve effectively risen about the stereotypical bearded punk sound of the Fest scene. While some long-time fans may be a little put off at first listen, there is no denying that the band has matured and are better musicians.

There is still an underlying punk tone to Already Dead, but their sound has added layers now. There are elements of Midwestern emo that are balanced with newfound country flourishes. On The Bad Parts, the twang is balanced with sweet alternative pop and echoes early The Get Up Kids. Many of the songs have a rougher edge, where the gravelly vocals bring to mind country rockers Arliss Nancy or even The Replacements. Those who are missing The Riot Before may have found their new favourite band. The balance between country, punk and emo works well, helping Timeshares step beyond the confines of the Fest scene.
(Dustin Blumhagen)

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