Album Review: The Torn Images – “Reviver”

The Torn Images

The Torn Images is an indie/alternative rock duo formed in early May 2012 in Fountain Valley, California and consisted of singer / songwriter Briand Arabaca (vocals / guitar) and Jayson Thompson (drums). On May 2013, drummer Jayson Thompson officially left the band and moved to San Diego, this prompted Arabaca to continue and The Torn Images became his alter-ego. He’s joined on this release by Jonathan O’Brien (bass / guitar / keyboard / percussion), Andy Hernandez (guitar), and Tyler De Young (drums).

“The Drifting” is energetic, has gritty vocals, and a thick sound that sticks in your head which made for a great opening to the album. “Mantle Of Disguise” has a fantastic guitar sound that reminds me of The Cars and is a catchy song that really stands out. “Out of Control (Into The Void)” is the third crunchy and kick-ass song on the album and what a great start to get you in the mood for what turns out to be an exciting release. “Nearly Lost You,” an acoustic song that gives a nice break from the three hard songs that starts off the album. “Life On A Standstill” is another slow song that proves that they can do both rockers and mellow songs equally well and this one really has a beautiful emotive vocal that takes it to a higher plane with a touch of Peter Murphy from Bauhaus in the vocals. “Aimless Breath,” “Blind Fascination,” and “The Elusive Vagabond” bring back the rockier sound of the album, and the album ends with “World Of Meaning” that has a soft opening and gets a little heavier and has that ‘90s alternative rock sound, but doesn’t sound cheesy at all.

A very cool album with sounds from the ’80s and ’90s mixed together, great production throughout, vocals and playing that have emotion, power and a sense of fun, make this a terrific listen and something to recommend highly. This is a group to keep your eyes and ears out for in the future. (Rick Ecker)

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