Album Review: Turbowolf – “Two Hands”

Two Hands
(Spinefarm Records)

The last time I covered Turbowolf was for ‘Rabbit’s Foot’ a year ago. I was still in my weird Zola Jesus and Grimes craze at that time, and I wouldn’t pay much attention to anything other then Conatus or Visions when it came to listening to music for my leisure. I think what I basically did was just say, “hey, Rabbit’s Foot is nice check Turbowolf out, and then I never went back to listening to them after that, because they weren’t what I was into at the time.”

That was then; this is now. I feel ready to give a legitimate listen to this turbo funk band. Yes… turbo funk. That’s what I am calling it, because apparently no one else knows what to call this band, and since the entire Internet needs something to call these guys then I’m just going to announce it here and now that Turbowolf are turbo funk. Obviously my opinion is barely credible enough to earn this review  space, and you don’t have to give a flying iota about what I say.

The funk is there. Funk is unquestionably a backdrop on all of their songs, but there’s so much more with the acid groove, rock, punk, thrash, and atmospheric stellar drone ambiance going on.

I’m pretty happy with Two Hands from the get go. It provides something special, out of the ordinary, and fun. “Invisible Hand” sounds like a good song to skate or party to. It’s very thrashy. “Rabbits Foot” is a phenomenal funky sounding song. It’s got a great rhythm to it. There’s also an element of psychedelic rock and skate punk in there as well. Think CKY.

“Toy Memaha” is a stellar organ instrumental that reminds me of classic 70s atmospheric rock, and the T-Rex inspired riffs of “Nine Lives” fuse nicely with a modern punk inspired sound.

The later half of the album has just as much strength as the A-Sides. “Twelve Houses” is a fantastic song, and one of the stand out tracks on the record.

Turbowolf is where music should be at right now. It’s brand free, meaning that the band doesn’t feel pressured to conform to a certain style to market themselves, it’s creative, and the quality is obviously there. I would give these guys my money at their shows. I’m impressed with their style, their artwork, and overall they’re just refreshing to have on the rock scene right now. (Metal Nick)

Purchase Two Hands on iTunes here.

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