Album Review: Turnover – Myself In The Way


With 2015’s Peripheral Vision wowing indie rock fans the world over, Turnover are a perennially admired force, with a cascade of stellar releases. None of them however are quite like new LP, Myself In The Way.

From the lucid melancholy trip of “Tears In The Way” to the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour inspired closer “Bored Of God / Orlando,” the band’s latest effort on Run For Cover Records caresses an expressive and blissful soundscape.

“Myself In The Way” is a trippy, funk-splayed offering featuring Turnstile’s Brendan Yates. The track is a stark removal from Yates’ usual fare, but a mesmerizing union of ambiance and intrigue.

Pensive and psychedelic, “Mountains Made of Clouds” glistens with the swaying of Austin Getz’ lead vocal. The track is an airy and eloquent offering that hones blissful nods to Pink Floyd.

The synthy, dream pop vibes of “Wait Too Long” are enchanting and upbeat. There is a wave of euphoria that washes through the tracks, a chilled out, hypnotic aesthetic that was honed in the aftermath of the pandemic as Getz honed a range of relaxation techniques from spending more type in nature to meditation.

The likes of “People That We Know” and “Fantasy” are by no means instant classics. Indeed the pace and trajectory of many of the tracks means that Myself In The Way can come across as one-dimensional and repetitive at times.

As one of the most eloquent bands around, Myself in The Way will come as a stark removal for many fans of Turnover. Despite being yet another record of poise and guile, the output too frequently falls short. Despite some dazzling moments, the dreamy aesthetic falls a little flat over the course of 12 tracks.

Pick up the new album here.

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