Album Review: U.D.O. – “Decadent”

(AFM Records)

If the heavy metal of the future is the heavy metal of the past then what is the heavy metal of the past? The answer is FOREVER!

Udo Dirkschneider can still belt out some really great vocals. His singing is clear, and resembles the range he had from the 80s in an uncanny sort of way that could only be explained by just coming out and admitting he is sort of divine. The tracks on Decadent are reminiscent of the Metal Heart days of Accept. Those solos!

The album does serve as a reminder to the masses that Udo should be considered among the heavy weights of old school poster boys for heavy metal. It’s easy to get lost in the hype of a release by a legend, but this one is genuinely good. Yes, there are fantastic rocking tracks on the record like the title track and “Speeder.” “Speeder” has some interesting harmonics, and a great riff to accompany Udo’s unreal low growling scream. Like I pointed out the guy has pipes on loan from God. They’re not going anywhere probably ever, like Brian Johnson’s from ACDC. Udo has some pretty filthy musicians backing him on this one too. Fitty Weinhold from Bullet has been with him for the long haul, but the addition of Gamma Ray guitarist Kasperi Heikkinen and a relatively unknown guitar player from Moscow named Andrey Smirnov have each added their pull of weight to a great project.

U.D.O. continues the true sound of classic metal from Germany. Decadent is a strong album that I would recommend if you are interested in the continuation of 80s sound, speed metal, and angry German men playing fast music. (Nicholas P)

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