Album Review: Ultra-Lite – Enjoy Your Time in the Sun


Hailing from Philadelphia, the alternative rock band Ultra-Lite just released their first album Enjoy Your Time in the Sun. Seething with anger, the album creates a nostalgic cascade of emo-inspired alternative music that grips the listener with cutting lyrics, well-thought out instrumentals, and a biting tone. You won’t want to miss this awesome release.

Enjoy Your Time in the Sun is propelled by the incorporation of multiple genres that show up on the album. A vague alternative label can be placed on Ultra-Lite, but diving deeper into the songs, you’ll hear inspiration from a multitude of genres, like emo, punk, post-hardcore, and at times, shoegaze. It’s a refreshing listen in a landscape of bands who feel like they must stick to one distinct sound.

Songs like “The Jewel of Cincinnati” and “Like Father, Like Son” are forces, guided by lyrics and simple instrumentals that work off of each other to create some fantastic tracks. The lyrics are written like diary entries that have catchy hooks that at times are bleak and blighted. The vocals are raw, forced through a series of emotions and feelings.

The track “49 Reasons to Stay, 51 to Leave” is a fantastic track that has explosive energy after the calm before the storm verses that rely on the guitar and vocals. Enjoy Your Time in the Sun has these little gems scattered throughout that take the album to the next level. If you’re going to check out any song from Ultra-Lite, let it be this one.

Ultra-Lite has a promising future ahead, especially if Enjoy Your Time in the Sun is the first release from them. While not every track was my favorite thing, they have so many good songs that make up for the few that falter. Do yourself and give Ultra-Lite a listen. You won’t regret it.

Be sure to check out Enjoy Your Time in the Sun out now!

Check it out here.

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